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Product:Amstel Lite
Manufacturer:Brandhouse -
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Pack size :330ml can, 330ml bottle, 440ml can and 660ml bottle
Packs per shipper:in 6 pack and 24 x case
Product Review
There’s a new lite beer in town!

Going ‘lite’ does not mean compromising on taste, as Brandhouse proves with the launch of Amstel Lite, the newest lower-ABV beer to launch in the South African market. Not only is it lower in alcohol (4% ABV), it also has 25% less calories than Amstel Lager – but it’s a full-flavoured beer that is slow brewed to the same quality standards consumers have come to expect of Amstel Lager.
Like Amstel Lager, Amstel Lite is brewed for 21 days to ensure premium quality and the bottle itself follows the same iconic shape of the Amstel Lager bottle. The neck is wrapped in a silver foil, distinguishing the exciting new Amstel Lite from the Lager option.

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