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Product:Jose Cuervo Tradicional Reposado Tequila
Manufacturer:Edward Snell & Co Ltd -
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SA’s First Premium Sipping Tequila

Tradicional Reposado is a pale straw-coloured 100% blue agave rested tequila, made from agaves harvested at the peak of their maturity (7-10 years), baked in stone clay ovens, carefully fermented and double-distilled in small artisanal stills and then rested in white oak barrels.

Tradicional unlocks original and refined characterful flavours resulting in a super-premium sipping tequila that is clean in taste and well balanced in finish, best served chilled in a snifter glass or sipped from a caballito shot glass with craft beer (signature serve).

Delivering a smooth, well-structured palate of fine spices and distinct oak notes unlike any other tequila.
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