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Product:Special Release Savanna Loco
Manufacturer:Distell - Savanna -
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Pack size :6 Pack
Product Review
Tequila-flavoured cider

Savanna has gone loco with the launch of a bold new special release cider, combining the crisp taste of Savanna Dry with fresh tequila flavour in a market first for South Africa. As the first spirit flavour mix in the cider category, new Special Release Savanna Loco with its vibrant turquoise packaging, opens up a whole new world of upbeat drinking occasions. The combination of Savanna with tequila flavour is a winning formula. Both have a dry finish and go well with lemon, and the combination creates an entirely new, uplifting ritual for enjoying Savanna with a wedge of lemon and a pinch of salt – Savanna Loco’s perfect serve.
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Distell - Savanna
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