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Product:Founder’s Reserve Whisky
Manufacturer:The Glenlivet -
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Pack size :750ml
Product Review
The Glenlivet launches the founder’s reserve – A tribute to the original

With the introduction of the Founder’s Reserve, top-selling global single malt brand The Glenlivet pays tribute to its Founder George Smith’s original vision to create the definitive smooth Speyside single malt.

The latest expression in The Glenlivet’s stable of premium whiskies, is one of exceptional quality - a modern classic that brings new life to the time-honoured and celebrated style of The Glenlivet. At its heart, Founder’s Reserve has that perfectly balanced classic fruity profile that underpins The Glenlivet. The intensely smooth taste profile lends itself to being an accessible Single Malt whisky. It can be drunk Straight Up, On the Rocks or as a great mixer in cocktails.
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