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Product:Cocktail spritzer
Manufacturer:Original Mason’s -
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Variants:Cuban Mojito; Grand Cosmo; Moscow Mule; Piña Colada
Pack size :4 X 330ml
Product Review
Bring the party with Original Mason’s

A unique ready-to-drink wine-based spritzer made with real fruit juice and natural flavourants, Original Mason’s is here to cool things down this festive season.

The cocktail-spritzer range has launched with four delicious flavours.
• Cuban Mojito is infused with lime and mint;
• Grand Cosmo is a blend of fresh cranberry, orange, and lime flavours;
• Moscow Mule gives a generous kick of ginger with lime juice; and
• Piña Colada is a tropical mix of coconut and pineapple.

Find your favourite Original Mason’s Cocktail Spritzer at select Tops at SPar stores across the Western Cape at R98 for a pack of four 330ml bottles.
Original Mason’s
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