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Product:Brandy Gift Hampers
Manufacturer:Distell -
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Variants:Oude Meester and Klipdrift
Product Review
Festive season premium brandy gifting

For those looking for gifts for family and friends over the age of 18, a smooth and fruity South African potstill brandy makes an excellent gift. These gift hampers are available at Makro stores nationwide.

Klipdrift Premium with headphones
It has been a good year for Klipdrift Premium. It claimed the title of the World’s Best Brandy 2016 at the World Brandy Awards. Known for its full-bodied taste achieved from the finest grapes, unhurried maturation of five years, and the unparalleled skills of the Master Distiller, this brandy delivers the taste that has come to be known simply as Premium.
Each gift hamper costs R180.

Oude Meester Reserve plus ice bucket
This double-distilled 12-year-old potstill is a result of the masterful skill of some of the finest brandy makers in the world. Winner of a Gran d’Or at the Michelangelo Awards and the Gold Outstanding award at the International Wine and Spirits Competition, this distinctive premium brandy offers exceptional purity and smoothness. Each gift hamper costs R440.
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