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Product:Sierra Spiced Tequila
Manufacturer:Merriments -
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Pack size :700ML
Product Review
Hola Amigo!
When Merriment&Co chose a tequila brand to market and distribute in South Africa, we were not prepared to settle for anything but the very best.

Sierra Tequila is distilled from hijuelos (baby algave plats) that are cut by hand from mature plants which are grown in large fields in the highlands of Mexico. No artificial fertilisers are used and each plant is carefully tended by the jimadores (fieldworkers) who have a proud tradition of caring for their plants with their hands and their hearts all the way from planting to harvest.

No wonder Sierra Tequila is now Europe's number 1 Tequila brand!

Sierra is the only orange and cinnamon flavour Tequila in South Africa.

Sierra Spiced has a sweet blend of Resposado tequila with orange and cinnamon flavours. Simply irresistible and a completely new Tequila experience.

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