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Product:Original GLUHWEIN
Manufacturer:Snowbliss CC - Distributed by Halewood
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Pack size :750ml, 2-litre
Packs per shipper: 6 x 750ml, 8 x 2-litre
Product Review
Ready-made Gluhwein for winter
A superior ready-made Original GLUHWEIN is now available in the liquor stores across the country from Snowbliss. The drink is a full-bodied red wine infused with spices including cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg and contains hints of citrus. While traditional Gluhwein is served hot during winter, this ready-made drink can be enjoyed hot or cold, over ice as a summertime drink. Aimed at all wine drinkers, the new product is available in 750ml bottles, as well as in a handy 2-litre box with dispenser tap.

Launch date: April
Snowbliss CC
Division:Distributed by Halewood
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