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Manufacturer:Brandhouse -
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Pack size :330ml and 660ml bottle, 330ml and 440ml can
Packs per shipper:24
Product Review
Amstel has a new look
Brandhouse has redesigned the packaging of Amstel to better reflect its brewing pedigree: An authentic Dutch beer brewed with the very best ingredients since 1870. The bottles (330ml and 660ml) now have a slender form, as well as a clear plastic label to draw attention to the rich colours of the rounded badge. This modern material is also durable and will not break when wet. The badge fills the surface of the front of the cans (330ml and 440ml), drawing attention to its new rounded shape, while the story of the Amstel Heritage is shared on the back. The launch is being supported by TV and print advertising, PR, in-store activations and promotions, as well as on Facebook.

Launch date: September
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