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View detailsCashsmart CS 2910 Note Counter
Top-of-the-range note counter
The CashSmart™ CS-2910 is our top-of-the-range note counter. The CS-2910 mixed note co... Read more

Equipment & Services   2017-08-29

View detailsCashsmart CS 7155 & Printer
Complete Cash up system provides cashier signature validating the cash up process
All the value of the CashSmart™ CS... Read more

Equipment & Services   2017-08-29

View detailsG4S Cash Solutions (SA) (Pty) Ltd Deposita Mini-Pay
G4S Africa expands Deposita range with launch of Mini-Pay device

G4S in Africa, part of the world's leading sec... Read more

Equipment & Services   2017-05-23

View detailsRybro Castors & Wheels Dolly Trolley
Customisable dolly for moving crates/baskets in a retail environment.

System can be bought in standard sizes to conform... Read more

Equipment & Services   2017-03-24

View detailsSupercart S.A (Pty) Ltd Classic Hybrid Trolley
The Classic Hybrid offers the best of both plastic and steel, and boasts premium quality finishes. With beautiful styling, robust ... Read more

Equipment & Services   2017-01-17

View detailsSupercart S.A (Pty) Ltd Mini Hybrid Trolley
90L Hybrid Customer Shopping Trolley

The trend towards quick and convenient shopping has created the need for t... Read more

Equipment & Services   2017-01-17

View detailsGoscor Group High-Performance Battery Sweeper-Scrubber
Goscor Unveils its Innovative, High-Performance Battery Sweeper-Scrubber

Goscor Cleaning Equipment, part of the ... Read more

Equipment & Services   2016-11-28

View detailsEnergy Partners Cooling
Be cool and buy cooling

Energy Partners recently launched a new refrigeration product that enables clients to ... Read more

Equipment & Services   2016-07-26

View detailsSafari-Vac (Pty) Ltd Vacuum Sealers Evolution Legacy

Vacuum Sealer of all sizes to suit all products/Locally manufactured-3 year warra... Read more

Equipment & Services   2016-08-01

View detailsPolar Africa Night Blinds
Reduce consumption between 20% and 30%
By installing night blinds on refrigerator display cases, energy consumption c... Read more

Equipment & Services   2016-05-31

View detailsEazi Group Power Towers Machinery
Solutions for low-level access

There are areas within multiple sectors that are slightly off the ground, but bey... Read more

Equipment & Services   2016-05-09

View detailsBio-Dynamic Fuels B-Tech 40
Turn your used cooking oil into diesel overnight for less than R6 a litre

Price of fuel going up? No matter!
W... Read more

Equipment & Services   2016-04-26

View detailsZebra Technologies Enterprise-class TC8000 mobile computer
Zebra Technologies’ New Mobile Computer Revolutionises Warehousing Operations, Saving an Hour per Worker per Shift
<... Read more

Equipment & Services   2016-04-12

View detailsAxis Communications AXIS M30
Axis introduces high performance mini dome cameras for discreet indoor video surveillance

The compact palm-size... Read more

Equipment & Services   2016-04-12

View detailsFrigoglass South Africa (Pty) Ltd Always on! New Hybrid (Eutectic) cooler
New hybrid cooler runs 24 hours on less than 6 hours of electricity

Even without power for 16 hours, the new co... Read more

Equipment & Services   2016-04-08

View detailsPyrotec PackMedia PackVerifi
Comprehensive tool to curb counterfeiting

To deliver comprehensive brand protection, track and trace, and cons... Read more

Equipment & Services   2016-03-14

View detailsWestern Digital Revamped Hard Drives
Revamped hard drives

Western Digital’s revamped hard drives ensure that your data stays safe and secure for ye... Read more

Equipment & Services   2015-12-01

View detailsTurnstar Systems (Pty) Ltd Helicopter turnstile with screen
New improved turnstiles

Turnstar Systems’s range of Supermarket turnstiles are an essential addition to your a... Read more

Equipment & Services   2015-11-20

View detailsGerber Fresh Enterline Tray / Top Sealing machine-Fully Automatic
Fully automatic tray sealer

Gerber Fresh introduces the Enterline Tray / Top Sealing machine, for use on all sol... Read more

Equipment & Services   2015-11-26

View detailsSafari-Vac (Pty) Ltd Evolution Vacuum Packaging Machine
Evolution Vacuum Packaging

The Evolution Vacuum Packaging Machine from Safari-Vac is used for packaging meat, fi... Read more

Equipment & Services   2015-11-17

View detailsSyntech Smanos WiFi PSTN Alarm System
WiFi PSTN Alarm System

The W100 from Syntech is a dual-network, WiFi/PSTN friendly alarm system, with very simpl... Read more

Equipment & Services   2015-10-16

View detailsSpotlight USA / UR/ RSA Kodak Led Lighting
Kodak LED Lighting

Kodak LED Lighting is a complete line of high quality full spectrum LED Lamps. Developed to p... Read more

Equipment & Services   2015-10-16

View detailsPolar Africa Fog Misting/ Humidification System
Fog mister humidifier

Fog misting provides a unique offering since the water droplets originating from the high-... Read more

Equipment & Services   2015-09-17

View detailsPolar Africa Supermarket Night Blinds
Refrigeration night blinds

Polar Africa’s refrigeration night blinds can reduce energy consumption by between ... Read more

Equipment & Services   2015-09-15

View detailsPyrotec PackMedia Extended Text Labels
Smart marketing trends

Most studies reveal that women make 80 to 85% of purchasing decisions, so it’s pretty c... Read more

Equipment & Services   2015-08-31

View detailsSyntech ASUS ROG GR8 i7 4510U Gaming PC
ASUS ROG GR8 i7 4510U Gaming PC

Syntech introduces GR8, providing gamers with the perfect combination of portabi... Read more

Equipment & Services   2015-08-04

View detailsTrolleyCare a division of Trolleyquip Wash and Service of Trolleys
Trolley cleaning

TrolleyCare, a division of Trolleyquip, introduces a novel cleaning service for your trolleys. ... Read more

Equipment & Services   2015-06-23

View detailsBitzer Kuehlmaschienbau (South Africa) (Pty) (Ltd) The new BITZER condensing unit LH265E is ideal for use in hot regions in particular
New Bitzer condensing unit

Bitzer has developed a new air-cooled condensing unit for use in hot regions. The new... Read more

Equipment & Services   2015-06-23

View detailsImoon Professional Lightening Solutions Imoon Supermarket Led Lighting
Efficient, no maintenance LED lighting solution

Imoon is an efficient LED lighting solution. With a simplistic ... Read more

Equipment & Services   2015-06-12

View detailsPyrotec PackMedia Do-It® Slot Hang Tabs
Versatile hang tabs
Do-It Slot Hang Tabs form part of Pyrotec PackMedia’s range of merchandising solutions. The popu... Read more

Equipment & Services   2015-05-18

View detailsKool Curtains Roller Blind (night curtain)
Refrigeration night blinds

Kool curtains introduce a new roller blind (night curtain) for open refrigerated disp... Read more

Equipment & Services   2015-04-14

View detailsPlastic Ideas Collapsible Crates
Collapsible crates

Plastic ideas brings you another space-saving multipurpose storage solution. Their collapsibl... Read more

Equipment & Services   2015-03-12

View detailsResotec Africa Group Fireforce Fire Extinguisher
Fire inhibiting agent

Resotec Africa’s new Fireforce Fire Extinguisher has a fire-inhibiting agent for protect... Read more

Equipment & Services   2015-03-10

View detailsTempix Temperature Indicator Label
Temperature indicator label

Tempix introduces a temperature indicator label that shows if a product has been mis... Read more

Equipment & Services   2015-03-06

View detailsPlastic Ideas Semi-vented base plastic crate
Semi-vented base plastic crate

Plastic Ideas introduces their heavy-duty stacking crate with vented base and sid... Read more

Equipment & Services   2015-01-29

View detailsPest Free SA Ekomille electro-mechanical device used to catch and kill rodents
Safely tackling rodent problems

Pest Free SA introduces Ekomille – an electro-mechanical device used to kill ... Read more

Equipment & Services   2015-01-29

View detailsEuro Display - Flexicart Evolution Flexicart Shopping Basket
New Flexicart basket trolley

The new Flexicart Shopping Basket from Euro Display revolutionises the supermarket ... Read more

Equipment & Services   2014-12-01

View detailsRA Suppliers 3 Ton Pallet jacks
3 ton pallet jacks

RA Suppliers has launched their new 3 ton pallet jacks. They offer a two-year warranty on the... Read more

Equipment & Services   2014-11-20

View detailsPolymer Logistics Wood Effect Crate
New wood effect crate

Polymer Logistics introduces their new Wood Effect Crate, which is set to revolutionise th... Read more

Equipment & Services   2014-11-07

View detailsSancon Multi-Purpose Merchandiser 3 Door Cooler
Multi-purpose 3-door cooler

Sancon introduces their new Multi-Purpose Merchandiser 3-Door Cooler, with 1600L cap... Read more

Equipment & Services   2014-10-31

View detailsVisible Worx Miracle Sticks - Signage Tabs
New Miracle Sticks POP tabs

No more messy sticky tape and adhesive putty point of sale put ups! Miracle-Sticks®... Read more

Equipment & Services   2014-09-11

View detailsMatco Grill Mat
Grill Mat

Matco’s new Grill Mat is made from durable, non-slip synthetic rubber, ideal for use in front of fry... Read more

Equipment & Services   2014-06-23

View detailsTrolley World Hybrid Customer Trolleys
Hybrid Trolleys

Trolley World introduces their Hybrid Trolleys. The plastic basket and a metal base make them du... Read more

Equipment & Services   2014-03-12

View detailsAvocet Scales & Labels Ishida UNI-3
New and improved scale

Avocet Scales and Labels has launched the Ishida UNI-3, an electronic label/receipt print... Read more

Equipment & Services   2014-02-28

View detailsUbunthu Telecoms Vodacom Public Phone
Ubuntu Payphones

Ubuntu Telecoms introduces their Vodacom Public Phone. The Ubuntu payphone offers competitive r... Read more

Equipment & Services   2014-02-04

View detailsSollatek Electronics (Pty) Ltd FreoGuard 30A
Voltage protection

Sollatek Electronics has relaunched their FreoGuard 30A compressor voltage protection unit. C... Read more

Equipment & Services   2013-12-03

View detailsClavis Trading cc Coin Lock System
Coin return operated lock

Operates with a R2 coin, or tokens on request. For use at parcel counters and public d... Read more

Equipment & Services   2013-11-04

View detailsClavis Trading cc Trolley Lock
The benefits of using a trolley lock not only reduces losses in your trolley stock, but also ensures that shop space, parking area... Read more

Equipment & Services   2013-10-10

View detailsGlobal Payment Technologies (GPT) Electrum Electronic Drop Safe
Drop it safely
Global Payment Technologies lauched Electrum, its electronic drop safe. It is small, accurate, robust a... Read more

Equipment & Services   2013-09-18

View detailsCashmate Africa Money Counters - Weight Based
Weight based money counters
-count coins and notes
-printer added
-balances tills (shorts and overs and prepares... Read more

Equipment & Services   2013-10-02

View detailsCashmate Africa Money Counters - Coin and Notes
Convenient cash counter
Cashmate Africa has launched a unique money counting system that counts coins and notes in two... Read more

Equipment & Services   2013-10-02

View detailsInfection Protection Products Sanimatic Touchless Sanitising Stand
Touchless sanitiser for your store
Infection Protection Products launched the Sanimatic touch-less sanitising dispense... Read more

Equipment & Services   2013-07-02

View detailsAxis Communications AXIS M2014-E Network Camera
Affordable bullet-style network camera
Axis Communications launched the M2014-E Network Camera. Its functional and com... Read more

Equipment & Services   2013-06-07

View detailsAxis Communications AXIS M30-VE
Affordable surveillance
Axis Communications has launched its M30-VE, a small, affordable and vandal resistant fixed d... Read more

Equipment & Services   2013-05-10

View detailsAxis Communications AXIS M50-V PTZ Dome Network Cameras
Vandal-resistant 360° surveillance camera
Axis Communications launched the vandal-resistant AXIS M50-V cameras. With... Read more

Equipment & Services   2013-05-27

View detailsThomas Laurie Beverages (Pty) Ltd Steepsters Rooibos Iced Tea
Iced Rooibos tea dispensers and cordials
Thomas Laurie launched its Steepsters Rooibos Iced Tea dispensing machines a... Read more

Equipment & Services   2014-04-09

View detailsMutual Austen Safe & Security Tellersafe
End to end cash management solution
Mutual Austen Safe & Security has launched its Tellersafe End to End Cash Managem... Read more

Equipment & Services   2013-04-12

View detailsBidvest Bakery Solutions Industrial Planetary Mixer
Unique 7-litre planetary mixer
Bidvest Bakery Solutions has launched its new Industrial Planetary Mixer that uniquel... Read more

Equipment & Services   2013-03-08

View detailsGerber Fresh Kronen Küchengeräte model KG-201 Veg Prep Machine
A new level of vegetable processing
Gerber Fresh now distributes the Kronen Küchengeräte model KG-201 Veg Prep Mach... Read more

Equipment & Services   2013-03-13

View detailsGerber Fresh Santos Ice Crusher
First table top ice crusher in SA
Gerber Fresh now offers the Santos Ice Crusher, the first table top ice crusher in... Read more

Equipment & Services   2013-03-05

View detailsCafe Vend Coffee Vending Machine
Automated hot beverage machine
Cafe Vend has introduced the Coffee Vending Machine, which is an automated hot bevera... Read more

Equipment & Services   2013-01-29

View detailsArgility Argility Retail Management Suite (RMS)
Retail management made easy
Argility Retail Management Suite is an easy-to-use POS software application and retail m... Read more

Equipment & Services   2012-12-11

View detailsAxis Communications AXIS M3006-V
Price sensitive video surveillance
The Axis M3006-V from Axis Communications is a 3-megapixel, vandal- and dust-resis... Read more

Equipment & Services   2012-10-29

View detailsAxis Communications AXIS P12
Cameras for covert surveillance
Axis Communications has launched the AXIS P12 series cameras, a series of uniquely des... Read more

Equipment & Services   2012-10-19

View detailsAxis Communications AXIS Camera Companion
Your Security companion
After the successful introduction of the award-winning AXIS Camera Companion, Axis Communicati... Read more

Equipment & Services   2012-10-16

View detailsKUBIK Mofex
Re-usable walls
KUBIK has introduced Re-usable Modular Functional Exchangeable (Mofex) Wall Systems, which can be re-u... Read more

Equipment & Services   2012-10-15

View detailsMarley Pipe Systems Marley Endura Grease Traps
Durable grease trap for commercial kitchens
Marley Pipe Systems has introduced the Marley Endura Grease Trap complet... Read more

Equipment & Services   2012-09-21

View detailsAxis Communications AXIS P3384
Cameras to improve surveillance in demanding light conditions
The AXIS P3384 Network Camera from Axis Communications c... Read more

Equipment & Services   2012-09-04

View detailsBidvest Bakery Solutions Petite Cakes package
Petite cakes packs for bakeries
Chipkins Bakery Supplies has launched the new Petite Cakes package. The Petite Cake co... Read more

Equipment & Services   2012-08-15

View detailsFirst Storage Concepts KZN New Module Mezzanine Floor
New flooring system for retail
First Storage Concepts KZN has launched its new Modular Mezzanine Floor System, which i... Read more

Equipment & Services   2012-07-17

View detailsFirst Storage Concepts KZN Dexion Longspan Shelving System
Light duty racking
First Storage Concepts KZN has launched the new light duty mini rack systems – Longspan Shelving ... Read more

Equipment & Services   2012-07-17

View detailsSancon Sancon SMR Freezers
Energy efficient freezer range
The SMR Freezer range from Sancon is designed for the display and selling of frozen foo... Read more

Equipment & Services   2012-07-10

View detailsBidvest Bakery Solutions Handheld Ciabatta Dough Cutter
New ciabatta dough cutter
The new handheld Ciabatta Dough Cutter from Chipkins saves up to 300% on processing time whe... Read more

Equipment & Services   2012-06-15

View detailsHychem (distributor) NOZ
Sanitise fresh produce and kitchen equipment
Hychem has introduced a fresh produce and kitchen equipment sanitiser to ... Read more

Equipment & Services   2012-06-13

View detailsManitou Manitou Industrial Forklift range
New optimised forklift range
Manitou has introduced a new line of ultra modern industrial forklifts, the MI (Manitou I... Read more

Equipment & Services   2012-06-11

View detailsAxis Communications AXIS M1013 and AXIS M1014
Surveillance at an affordable price
Superb video quality in both SVGA and HDTV, plus support for edge storage and AXIS... Read more

Equipment & Services   2012-06-06

View detailsBarpro Storage Delf Freezer Wear
Freezer wear for chilled environments
Barpro Storage is the sole distributor of Delf Freezer Wear in South Africa. The... Read more

Equipment & Services   2012-05-31

View detailsV3 Synergy Caravel Self Contained range
No maintenance refrigeration
V3 Synergy (member of the V3 Group) has launched the Caravel Self Contained refrigeration... Read more

Equipment & Services   2012-05-16

View detailsAxis Communications Axis Camera Companion
Surveillance for small business too
Now even small business owners can enjoy the benefits of network video, such as ex... Read more

Equipment & Services   2012-05-04

View detailsRapid dri-flor rapid Dri-flor
Dry floors quickly
Rapid dri-flor makes cleaning a breeze in any supermarket. Staff members no longer need to wave a b... Read more

Equipment & Services   2012-06-12

View detailsLJ InterTrade Volumatic Count Easy Scale
Money counting made easy
LJ InterTrade is launching the Volumatic Count Easy Scale in April. This intelligent and effi... Read more

Equipment & Services   2012-03-27

View detailsCitrocasa Citrocasa Citrus Juicers
Juicing made easy
Gerber Fresh is now distributing the range of Austrian-made Citrocasa Citrus Juicers. Suitable for ... Read more

Equipment & Services   2012-03-22

View detailsSuperb Flooring Systems DCS (Diamond Cleaning System) Twister
Clean floors with diamonds
DCS Twister from Superb Flooring Systems is a daily cleaning system consisting of floor pad... Read more

Equipment & Services   2012-03-06

View detailsPyrotec PackMedia Pyrotec PackMedia ElastiTag
Pyrotec PackMedia ElastiTag
Pyrotec PackMedia (distributor) is now offering ElastiTag products as part of its comprehe... Read more

Equipment & Services   2012-03-14

View detailsTente Castors South Africa Tente Bakery Lube
Streamline your bakery
Tente Castors South Africa has launched Bakery Lube - a specially formulated synthetic food gra... Read more

Equipment & Services   2012-02-23

View detailsBidvest Bakery Solutions Roosterkoek Mould
Roosterkoek made easy
Chipkins Bakery Supplies has developed a Roosterkoek Mould for quick and easy manufacturing of t... Read more

Equipment & Services   2012-02-15

View detailsNumatic International Ltd TTV55653 - The Walk Behind Vario
Heavy duty cleaning
The Walk Behind Vario from Numatic International is a machine that has been designed to provide ou... Read more

Equipment & Services   2012-01-19

View detailsGlobal Payment Technologies (GPT) Sumtzberger Pneumatic Tube Systems
Manage cash safely in and out of store
The Sumtzberger system, distributed and implemented by GPT, is a sophisticated ... Read more

Equipment & Services   2011-12-12

View detailsCitrocasa Citrocasa Fantastic Automatic Citrus Juicer
Highly efficient juicer for retailers
Gerber Fresh is introducing the Citrocasa Fantastic Automatic Citrus Juicer in J... Read more

Equipment & Services   2011-12-02

View detailsGlobal Payment Technologies (GPT) Talaris Nsignia
Sorting banknotes made easy
In partnership with GPT, UK-based Talaris has launched Nsignia a new banknote sorting tec... Read more

Equipment & Services   2011-11-18

View detailsAxis Communications Thermal Network Cameras
Thermal network cameras for better surveillance
Axis Communication will be launching two Thermal Network Cameras in Ja... Read more

Equipment & Services   2011-11-11

View detailsLomold Group LOMOTEX Long Fibre Reinforced Thermoplastics
First long glass fibres
Lomotek Polymers has recently introduced its new range of LOMOTEX Long Fibre Reinforced Thermo... Read more

Equipment & Services   2011-11-08

View detailsX-treme Metallurgy Metal Advertising Stands
Metal Advertising Stands
Metal Advertising Stands are now available from X-treme Metallurgy. Every stand can be tailor... Read more

Equipment & Services   2011-10-12

View detailsX-treme Metallurgy Bakerite Steel Floor Tiles
Heavy duty tiles for bakery
X-treme Metallurgy has introduced Bakerite Steel Floor Tiles, which are designed to protec... Read more

Equipment & Services   2011-10-18

View detailsSodastream South Africa SodaStream Fizz Chip Drinksmaker
SodaStream Fizz Chip Drinksmaker
The new Fizz Drinks Maker from SodaStream is designed as a premium kitchen appliance ... Read more

Equipment & Services   2011-08-29

View detailsAvocet Scales & Labels Ishida WM-NANO Table Top Wrapping Machine
All-in-one wrapping, scale and label printer machine
New from Avocet is a table top automatic wrapping machine and sca... Read more

Equipment & Services   2011-07-28

View detailsAvocet Scales & Labels Ishida BC4000L1 Label Printing System Scale
New scale and labelling solution
This electronic label printing scale is suitable for all supermarkets and links to al... Read more

Equipment & Services   2011-08-08

View detailsBlue Label South African Distribution Blu Approved
Be an approved merchant with Blu Approved
Rolling out nationally in July, the Blu Approved sign illustrates Blue Label... Read more

Equipment & Services   2011-07-12

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